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 Placebo - every you every me
 Placebo - bigmouth strikes again v2
 Placebo - nancy boy
 Placebo - come undone
 Placebo - breathe underwater
 Placebo - happy you're gone
 Placebo - julien
 Placebo - the never ending why
 Placebo - speak in tongues
 Placebo - bright lights
 Placebo - devil in the details
 Placebo - battle for the sun
 Placebo - ashtray heart
 Placebo - kitty litter
 Placebo - kings of medicine
 Placebo - for what its worth
 Placebo - battle fot the sun
 Placebo - space monkey v2
 Placebo - space monkey
 Placebo - black eyed v2
 Placebo - black eyed
 Placebo - the bitter end
 Placebo - running up that hill