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 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v10
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v9
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v8
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v7
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v6
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v5
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v4
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v3
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v2
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v1
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v10
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v9
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v8
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v7
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v6
 Hayley williams/paramore - teenagers
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v5
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v4
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v3
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v2
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v1
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v16
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v15
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v14
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v13
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v12
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v11
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v10
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v9
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v8
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v7
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v6
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v5
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v4
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v3
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v2
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v1
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v9
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v8
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v7
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v6
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v5
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v4
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v3
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v2
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v1
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v19
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v18
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v17
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v16
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v15
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v14
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v13
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v12
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v11
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v10
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v9
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v8
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v7
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v6
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v5
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v4
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v3
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v2
 Talking heads - wild wild life
 Deathray - i wanna lose control
 Red hot chili peppers - i could have lied v2
 Red hot chili peppers - i could have lied
 Jeffree star - lollipop luxury v2
 Jeffree star - beauty killer v2
 Jeffree star - beauty killer
 Jeffree star - louis vuitton body bag
 Young jeezy - welcome back v2
 Brooks and dunn - honky tonk stomp
 Jeffree star - love rhymes with fuck you
 Onerepublic - all we are v2
 Danna paola - mundo de caramelo
 Reverend horton heat - hot rod lincoln
 Captain clegg and the night creatures - transylvania terror train
 Don williams - you're my best friend
 Chris daughtry - crashed (acoustic)
 Reba mcentire - for herself
 Mullage ft ti - trick'n v5
 Treal lee - mr hit dat hoe v2
 Plies - miss pretty pussy
 Alejandro sanz ft alicia keys - looking for paradise
 Aj rafael - starlit nights
 Faber drive - g-get up and dance
 G-unit - my buddy
 I am x-ray - act the nation
 Jd era ft drake - rock n roll
 Mishon - just a kiss v4
 Kasabian - me plus one
 Lil wayne ft lloyd, gudda, nikki, drake, jae millz, tyga - bed rock v5
 Juelz santana ft chris brown - back to the crib
 Grizzly bear - while you wait for the others
 Eeram - tharai irangiya
 Kambakht ishq - om mangalam v5
 Modhi vilayadu - paathi kadhal
 D12 - blow my buzz v2
 Gucci mane ft plies - wasted v7
 Too short ft lil jon - shake that monkey
 Garfield - answering machine
 Race - race saanson ki
 Shinedown - second chance v10
 Regina spektor - hotel song v4
 Motorhead - walk this way
 Howl - love u
 Pleasure p - gotta have you v2
 The ting tings - we walk v2
 Alicia keys - diary v3
 L24 - se thello
 Jeremih - im a star v3
 James - senorita v2
 Yung maserati - gotta stay fresh
 Audrey kitching - let them eat cake
 James - getting away with it (all messed up)
 James - pleased to meet you
 The ting tings - we walk
 Nobody's hero - winning is everything
 James - english beefcake
 Jay-z ft mr hudson - young forever v3
 Lil wayne - bad v2
 Three days grace - life starts now
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m)
 Katt williams - shut up bitch
 Johann pachelbel - canon in d v2
 Weezer - i want you to
 Gucci mane - stacks in my pocket
 Dance gavin dance - rock solid
 Aitraaz - talatum talatum
 Tarkan - beso arabe
 Mariah carey - betcha gon know
 Shinedown - sin with a grin
 Sash ft tina cousins - mysterious times
 Lost witness - happiness happening v3
 Unknown - do not take this call, it's your mother in law
 Dj remy - mano
 Josh abbott band - taste
 Soilwork - stabbing the drama
 Soilwork - stabbing the drama v2
 Soilwork - stabbing the drama v3
 Soilwork - stabbing the drama v4
 Joey jihad ft meek - hater
 Lil wayne - bed rock
 Metallica - the ecstasy of gold (s&m) v5
 Metallica - the ecstasy of gold (s&m) v4
 Metallica - the ecstasy of gold (s&m) v3
 Metallica - the ecstasy of gold (s&m) v2
 Metallica - the ecstasy of gold (s&m) v1
 Lmfao - shooting star (party rock remix) v2
 We butter the bread with butter - hänschen klein
 Zee avi - bitter heart
 Marty robins - wings of a dove
 Kid cudi - soundtrack to my life
 Taylor swift - forever
 Tony orlando - tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree
 Brokencyde - get crunk brokencyde
 Jay-z - doa (death of auto-tune) v3
 Drake - say what's real
 Jay-z - doa (death of auto-tune) v2
 Trey songz - does he do it
 Jay-z - doa (death of auto-tune)
 Jack's mannequin - miss california
 Method man - ms international
 Eminem - the kids
 Conway twitty - rocky top tennessee
 Eminem - criminal
 Lil wayne - upgrade you (freestyle)
 Senses fail - calling all cars
 Insane clown posse - tilt a whirl
 Insane clown posse - i do this
 Floyd cramer - last date
 Mc magic - girl i love you
 Wisin - abusadora
 Jeremih - imma star
 Sophia maria - twisted game
 Mario - headboard
 Sophia maria - you made me this way
 Lauryn hill - to zion
 Sammi cheng - fang bu di v2
 Us navy band - anchors aweigh
 Sammi cheng - mo qi
 Zz top - pearl necklace
 Zz top - tube steak boogie
 Disturbed - stupify v5
 Jowell y randy - loco
 Kenny chesney - out last night (album version)
 Bay city rollers - saturday night
 Lloyd ft lil wayne - pusha v2
 Lloyd ft lil wayne - pusha
 Sarah brightman - phantom of the opera
 Breaking benjamin - i will not bow v2
 Tha joker - we do it for fun part 2 v2
 Lmfao - yes v4
 Marty robins - on the wings of a snow white dove
 Die artze - manner sind schweine
 Natasa bekvalac - nikotin
 Waldo's people - lose control (radio edit)
 Noize suppressor - still want more