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 Paramore - turn it off v6
 Paramore - turn it off v5
 Paramore - turn it off v4
 Paramore - turn it off v3
 Paramore - turn it off v10
 Paramore - the only exception v9
 Paramore - the only exception v8
 Paramore - the only exception v7
 Paramore - the only exception v6
 Paramore - the only exception v5
 Paramore - the only exception v4
 Paramore - the only exception v3
 Paramore - the only exception v2
 Psyclon nine - under the judas tree
 Thunderclap newman - something in the air
 Blondie - hanging on the telephone v2
 Mm keeravani - anukokunda oka roju
 Brotha lynch hung - what they want
 David kersh - goodnight sweetheart v2
 Enur ft natasha - calabria 2006
 Marius ft giulia - rain
 A perfect circle - judith v3
 Eazy e - fuck my baby's mama
 Hatebreed - destroy everything
 Nekromantix - alive
 Nwa - fuck the police
 Alejandro sanz - looking for paradise v2
 Jay sean - cry
 Cheech and chong - born in east l.a.
 Paramore - misguided ghosts v7
 Paramore - misguided ghosts v6
 Paramore - misguided ghosts v5
 Utada hikaru - simple and clean v2
 Madonna - la isla bonita (extended remix)
 Phyllisia ross ft ne-yo - sunshine v2
 Madonna - into the groove
 Finger eleven - paralyzer v7
 Young buck - dont need no help
 Franz ferdinand - take me out v5
 Tlc - red light special v6
 50 cent - window shopper v4
 Tlc - what about your friends v2
 Linkin park - in the end v13
 Cheryl cole - fight for this love v2
 Cheryl cole - fight for this love v3
 Cheryl cole - fight for this love v4
 Cheryl cole - fight for this love v5
 Cheryl cole - fight for this love v6
 Cheryl cole - fight for this love v7
 Unknown - the old brigade
 Unknown - the soldier song
 Glen daly - the celtic song
 Unknown - 4 leaf clover
 Iggy pop - the passenger
 Danger man - pulla pulla
 Danger man - estoy hi to the sky
 Danger man - pelicula de terror
 Red hot chili peppers - someone
 Red hot chili peppers - teenager in love
 Jeffree star - get away with murder v2
 Tonedeff - shag
 Jeffree star - fame
 Tonedeff - pervert
 Trivium - throes of perdition
 Paramore - misguided ghosts v4
 Paramore - looking up v7
 Paramore - looking up v6
 Paramore - looking up v5
 Paramore - looking up v4
 Paramore - looking up v3
 Paramore - looking up v2
 Paramore - looking up
 Paramore - ignorance v8
 Paramore - ignorance v7
 Paramore - feeling sorry v7
 Paramore - feeling sorry v6
 Paramore - feeling sorry v5
 Paramore - feeling sorry v4
 Paramore - feeling sorry v3
 Paramore - feeling sorry v2
 Paramore - feeling sorry
 Paramore - careful v8
 Paramore - careful v7
 Black sabbath - iron man v9
 Birdman ft lil wayne and drake - money to blow v17
 Carrie underwood - cowboy casonova
 Everlast - lonely road
 Drake ft lil wayne and birdman - money to blow v16
 Sir mix-a-lot - pick up the phone (baby got back remix)
 R kelly - slow wind v4
 Jesse mccartney ft t-pain - body language v6
 Anya marina - satellite heart
 Jay-z ft kanye west - run this town tonight
 Audioslave - like a stone v6
 One less reason - september
 Project pat - crack a head
 Stryper - make you mine
 Stryper - everything
 Kool and the gang - jungle boogie v4
 Stryper - love is why
 Mullage - trickin if you got it
 Stryper - run in you
 Stryper - i believe
 Stryper - mercy over blame
 The killing tree - dressed to fuck
 Stryper - murder by pride
 Mayday parade - kids in love v2
 Stryper - the plan
 Miley cyrus - party in the usa v9
 Stryper - alive
 Stryper - eclipse of the son
 Trey songz chorus - black roses
 Sean kingston - face drop v2
 Tatarola - who is calling
 Cosculluela ft jowell y randy - na na nau
 Rehab - 1980 v5
 Skillet - you are my hope v3
 Inna - left right
 Inna - hot v4
 Waka flocka flame - bang for life
 Air - surfing on a rocket
 Lil wayne ft gucci mane - we be steady mobbin v12
 Inna - love v2
 Skillet - you are my hope v2
 Elise estrada - poison
 Paul van dyk ft johnny mcdaid - home
 Rihanna ft ne-yo - hate that i love you v7
 Swagg kidz - ima nerd
 Jordin sparks - sos (let the music play) v2
 Isleys brothers - in between the sheets
 Verse simmons - buy you a round v3
 Miley cyrus - party in the usa v8
 Case - happily ever after v2
 Fabolous - salute
 Jagged edge ft trina and gucci mane - moments in love v3
 Plies - chef v3
 Matisyahu - king without a crown v2
 Five finger death punch - bad company
 The guzzlers - all alone in texas
 Drake ft jay-z - off that v3
 Muse - hysteria v3
 Little big town - boondocks v6
 Little big town - boondocks v5
 Kurd maverick - blue monday
 David kersh - goodnight sweetheart
 Black star - what's beef v2
 Black star - what's beef
 Jason derulo - watcha say v3
 Adam and andrew - the gangster song v6
 Adam and andrew - the gangster song v5
 Adam and andrew - the gangster song v4
 Adam and andrew - the gangster song v3
 Adam and andrew - the gangster song v2
 Adam and andrew - the gangster song
 The chase - life goes on
 Kandi - i fly above
 Da brat - funkdafied v2
 Viktorija - daj, ne pitaj
 Al green - for the good times
 Metallica - sad but true(studio) v8
 Metallica - sad but true (studio) v7
 Metallica - sad but true(studio) v6
 Metallica - sad but true (studio) v5
 Metallica - sad but true (studio) v4
 Metallica - sad but true (studio) v3
 Metallica - sad but true(studio) v2
 Metallica - sad but true (studio)
 Paramore - careful v6
 Paramore - careful v5
 Paramore - careful v4
 Paramore - careful v3
 Paramore - careful v2
 Paramore - all i wanted v8
 Paramore - all i wanted v7
 Paramore - all i wanted v6
 Paramore - all i wanted v5
 Paramore - all i wanted v4
 Paramore - all i wanted v3
 Paramore - all i wanted v2
 Metallica - sad but true(studio) v12
 Metallica - sad but true (studio) v11
 Metallica - sad but true (studio) v10
 Metallica - sad but true (studio) v9
 The editors - munich
 The editors - munich v2
 The editors - munich v3
 Metallica - human (studio) v9
 Metallica - human (studio) v8
 Metallica - human (s&m) v7
 Metallica - human (s&m) v6
 Metallica - human (s&m) v5
 Metallica - human (s&m) v4
 Metallica - human (s&m) v3
 Metallica - human (s&m) v2
 Metallica - human (s&m) v1
 Guns n' roses - since i don't have you
 Annie soundtrack - the sun will come out tomorrow
 Mc blvd - i remember you homie
 Buckcherry - don't go away v2
 Breaking benjamin - home v2