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 The face, mark brown and adam shaw - needin' u
 Lobo - me and you and a dog named boo
 Korn - falling away from me v3
 Chris brown ft lil wayne - i can transform ya
 Drake - forever v6
 Metallica - for whom the bell tolls v11
 Drake - forever v5
 Cascada ft carlprit - evacuate the dancefloor v6
 Sam spence - nfl - ramblin' man from gamblin'
 Sam spence - nfl - ramblin' man from gamblin' v2
 Sam spence - nfl - ramblin' man from gamblin' v3
 Enya - trains and winter rains (radio edit)
 Chicane - poppiholla (original radio edit)
 Britney spears - 3 v3
 Max pezzali - una canzone d'amore
 Elena siegman - beauty of annihilation (der riese)
 Sonu nigam, shreya ghoshal, suzanne d'mello - don't say alvida remix
 Cristina rus - don't see ya
 Nintendo - super mario bros tunnel sound
 Nintendo - super mario bros 3
 Nintendo - super mario bros 2
 The friendly indians - i know you know
 Gerardo ortiz - a la moda
 Dierks bentley - i wanna make you close your eyes v4
 Maroon 5 - better that we break v8
 Maroon 5 - better that we break v7
 Maroon 5 - better that we break v6
 Maroon 5 - better that we break v5
 Maroon 5 - better that we break v4
 Maroon 5 - better that we break v3
 Maroon 5 - better that we break v2
 Maroon 5 - back at your door v8
 Maroon 5 - back at your door v7
 Maroon 5 - back at your door v6
 Maroon 5 - back at your door v5
 Maroon 5 - back at your door v4
 Maroon 5 - back at your door v3
 Maroon 5 - back at your door v2
 Maroon 5 - back at your door v1
 Baby bash ft frankie j - suga suga how you get so fly
 Muse - take a bow (haarp) v10
 Muse - take a bow (haarp) v9
 Muse - take a bow (haarp) v8
 Muse - take a bow (haarp) v7
 Muse - take a bow (haarp) v6
 Muse - take a bow (haarp) v5
 Muse - take a bow (haarp) v4
 Muse - take a bow (haarp) v3
 Muse - take a bow (haarp) v2
 Muse - take a bow (haarp) v1
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v16
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v15
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v14
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v13
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v12
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v11
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v10
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v9
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v8
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v7
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v6
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v5
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v4
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v3
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v2
 Muse - stockholm syndrome (haarp) v1
 Muse - micro cuts (haarp) v8
 Muse - micro cuts (haarp) v7
 Muse - micro cuts (haarp) v6
 Muse - micro cuts (haarp) v5
 Muse - micro cuts (haarp) v4
 Muse - micro cuts (haarp) v3
 Muse - micro cuts (haarp) v2
 Muse - micro cuts (haarp) v1
 Muse - unintended (haarp) v10
 Muse - unintended (haarp) v9
 Muse - unintended (haarp) v8
 Muse - unintended (haarp) v7
 Muse - unintended (haarp) v6
 Muse - unintended (haarp) v5
 Muse - unintended (haarp) v4
 Muse - unintended (haarp) v3
 Muse - unintended (haarp) v2
 Muse - unintended (haarp) v1
 Yung la, bg, bun b - gotta get my money
 Asher book - try v3
 Dc talk - in the light
 Ewa farna - la la laj
 Lil jon - in da club v2
 R kelly - in this club
 April wine - just between you and me
 Dj drama ft gucci mane, yo gotti, lonnie mac and oj da juiceman - ridiculous v4
 Mary j blige - i can do bad all by myself
 Nike hyperizers - hyperizin
 Ep da paper chaser - paper chase
 Grizzly bear - knife
 Dj valentino - suck my dick
 David tavare ft ruth - call me baby (if you dont know my name) (t33 remix)
 Mista mac ft flo rida, brisco - drop that 2
 Roy gates - midnight sun v2
 Dj brian howe - somebodys watching me (freakmatique cut)
 Unisex - what the fuck (radio edit)
 Defcon 5 - sonic revolution (knights of the empire edit)
 Macfly - feeling
 Jesse and joy - adios
 Caballeros del zodiaco - intense! cosmo
 Pussycat dolls - when i grow up (wideboys london remix club mix)
 Christopher s and dj flava ft andrina - gimme! gimme! gimme! (mike candys remix)
 House mafia - let the beat
 Next - butta love v2
 Saint seiya - toward valhalla
 Lady gaga - love game (dave aude radio edit)
 Dj duzky - game
 Dj duzky - ocean
 Dj duzky - life force
 Dj duzky - piano
 Dashboard confessional - stolen v3
 Ozzy osbourne - goodbye to romance
 Michael buble - haven't met you yet
 The majors - worst way
 Kishore kumar - hamen tumse pyar kitna
 Dmx - ruff riders anthem v2
 Marilyn manson - this is halloween v5
 Jeffree star - god hates your outfit
 Ti ft justin timberlake - dead and gone v8
 Avenged sevenfold - a little piece of heaven v4
 Tegan ft tiesto - feel it in my bones
 Theory of a deadman - not meant to be v5
 Ti ft justin timberlake - dead and gone v7
 Shekinah glory ministries - yes
 Cosculluela - prrrum
 Ghostface killah - stay
 Ghostface killah - paragraphs of love
 Jason aldean - wide open v2
 Wale ft jazmine sullivan - world tour v2
 A rocket to the moon - mr right
 The human league - together in electric dreams
 Lil wayne - soo woop
 Seinfeld - george's answering machine
 Empire of the sun - walking on a dream v2
 Potap - druzya
 Nothingface - here come the butchers
 Lionel richie ft akon - just go
 Lionel richie ft akon - just go v2
 Lionel richie ft akon - just go v3
 Lionel richie ft akon - just go v4
 Lustra - scotty doesn't know v7
 Dave hollister - wedding song
 Sars - debeli lad
 Elvis crespo - tu sonrisa v2
 Gary allen - today
 Britney spears - 3 v2
 Shinedown - second chance v11
 Britney spears - 3 - v1
 Spirit - you can't take me
 Rasheeda - compliment
 Los violadores del verso - tu y tus historias
 Rick james - superfreak v2
 Mike jones ft hurricane chris - drop and give me 50
 Biggie smalls - crush on you
 Atreyu - becoming the bull v6
 Flo rida - right round electro remix
 Shinedown - sound of madness v7
 Muse - new born (haarp) v18
 Muse - new born (haarp) v17
 Muse - new born (haarp) v16
 Muse - new born (haarp) v15
 Muse - new born (haarp) v14
 Muse - new born (haarp) v13
 Xheza - syte e zi
 Muse - new born (haarp) v12
 Muse - new born (haarp) v11
 Muse - new born (haarp) v10
 Muse - new born (haarp) v9
 Muse - new born (haarp) v8
 Muse - new born (haarp) v7
 Muse - new born (haarp) v6
 Muse - new born (haarp) v5
 Muse - new born (haarp) v4
 Muse - new born (haarp) v3
 Muse - new born (haarp) v2
 Muse - new born (haarp) v1
 Muse - time is running out (haarp) v10
 Muse - time is running out (haarp) v9
 Muse - time is running out (haarp) v8
 Muse - time is running out (haarp) v7
 Muse - time is running out (haarp) v6
 Muse - time is running out (haarp) v5
 Muse - time is running out (haarp) v4
 Muse - time is running out (haarp) v3
 Muse - time is running out (haarp) v2
 Muse - time is running out (haarp) v1
 Muse - starlight (haarp) v9
 Muse - starlight (haarp) v8
 Muse - starlight (haarp) v7
 Muse - starlight (haarp) v6
 Muse - starlight (haarp) v5
 Muse - starlight (haarp) v4
 Muse - starlight (haarp) v3
 Muse - starlight (haarp) v2