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 R dean taylor - indiana wants me
 Lecrae - don't waste your life
 Los adolecentes - en aquel lugar
 Lil wayne - prom queen v6
 Markus schulz - fly to colors
 Poeta callejero - el deseo de tenerte
 Gavin rossdale - love remains the same v2
 Black eyed peas - meet me halfway v4
 Jagged edge - wifey
 Matchbox 20 - unwell v5
 Rodney carrington - show them to me v2
 Usher - nice and slow v3
 Tank - maybe i deserve it
 Leann rimes - how do i live v2
 Sara connor - from sara with love
 Colbie caillat - oxygen v8
 Barlow girls - take me away
 Plies - bust it baby v9
 Bliss 66 - sooner or later
 Mercy mercedes - the perfect scene v2
 Hatebreed - to the threshold
 Justin young - one foot on sand
 8 ball and mjg ft poo bear - take it off
 Alicia keys - doesn't mean anything
 Jack johnson - bubble toes v3
 Nelly - boy
 Nelly - spida man
 Holly james, jason nevins, ukny - i'm in heaven
 Alex young - habit
 Alter bridge - rise today
 Notorious big - going back to cali v2
 Dem savages ft rich kids - long time v3
 Alter bridge - coming home
 Metallica - through the never v2
 Slim thug ft pusha t - click clack
 Dem savages ft rich kidz - long time v2
 Dem savages ft rich kidz - long time
 The dresden dolls - coin operated boy
 Shinedown - call me v2
 Babyface - never keeping secrets
 Shinedown - breaking inside v2
 Keith sweat - come into my bedroom
 Metallica - fade to black v15
 The pretty reckless - blender v3
 Muse - resistance
 Metallica - sad but true v4
 Sammi cheng - bu tuo bu qian v2
 Diana king - shy guy v5
 Bow wow ft t-pain - outta my system v3
 Dire straits - sultans of swing v2
 Mook n fair - who's your daddy v2
 Megadeth - angry again
 Jadakiss - mornings was hashbrown
 Simbu - manmadhan
 Mike foyle - bittersweet nightshade (markus schulz remix)
 Dave graham ft cat martin - love always fades
 Jaytech - pyramid
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v19
 Michael de kooker - hot senorita
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v18
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v17
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v16
 Kismet - empty streets
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v15
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v14
 Embliss - solstice (ben preston remix)
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v13
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v12
 Dj remy - mano v2
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v11
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v10
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v9
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v8
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v7
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v6
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v5
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v4
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v3
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v2
 Metallica - bleeding me (s & m) v1
 Medina - velkommen til medina
 Uffie - ready to uff
 Uffie - ready to uff v2
 Uffie - ready to uff v3
 Uffie - ready to uff v4
 Uffie - ready to uff v5
 Metallica - devil's dance (s&m) v12
 Metallica - devil's dance (s&m) v11
 Metallica - devil's dance (s&m) v10
 Metallica - devil's dance (s&m) v9
 Metallica - devil's dance (s&m) v8
 Metallica - devil's dance (s&m) v7
 Metallica - devil's dance (s&m) v6
 Metallica - devil's dance (s&m) v5
 Metallica - devil's dance (s&m) v4
 Metallica - devil's dance (s&m) v3
 Metallica - devil's dance (s&m) v2
 Metallica - devil's dance (s&m) v1
 Metallica - hero of the day (s&m) v10
 Metallica - hero of the day (s&m) v9
 Metallica - hero of the day (s&m) v8
 Metallica - hero of the day (s&m) v7
 Metallica - hero of the day (s&m) v6
 Metallica - hero of the day (s&m) v5
 Metallica - hero of the day (s&m) v4
 Metallica - hero of the day (s&m) v3
 Metallica - hero of the day (s&m) v2
 Metallica - hero of the day (s&m) v1
 Metallica - no leaf clover (s&m) v12
 Metallica - no leaf clover (s&m) v11
 Metallica - no leaf clover (s&m) v10
 Metallica - no leaf clover (s&m) v9
 Metallica - no leaf clover (s&m) v8
 Metallica - no leaf clover (s&m) v7
 Metallica - no leaf clover (s&m) v6
 Metallica - no leaf clover (s&m) v5
 Metallica - no leaf clover (s&m) v4
 Metallica - no leaf clover (s&m) v3
 Metallica - no leaf clover (s&m) v2
 Metallica - no leaf clover (s&m) v1
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v10
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v9
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v8
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v7
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v6
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v5
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v4
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v3
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v2
 Metallica - the memory remains (s&m) v1
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v10
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v9
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v8
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v7
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v6
 Hayley williams/paramore - teenagers
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v5
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v4
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v3
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v2
 Metallica - fuel (s&m) v1
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v16
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v15
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v14
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v13
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v12
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v11
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v10
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v9
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v8
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v7
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v6
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v5
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v4
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v3
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v2
 Metallica - the thing that should not be (s&m) v1
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v9
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v8
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v7
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v6
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v5
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v4
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v3
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v2
 Metallica - of wolf and man (s&m) v1
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v19
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v18
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v17
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v16
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v15
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v14
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v13
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v12
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v11
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v10
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v9
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v8
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v7
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v6
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v5
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v4
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v3
 Metallica - master of puppets (s&m) v2
 Talking heads - wild wild life
 Deathray - i wanna lose control
 Red hot chili peppers - i could have lied v2
 Red hot chili peppers - i could have lied
 Jeffree star - lollipop luxury v2
 Jeffree star - beauty killer v2
 Jeffree star - beauty killer
 Jeffree star - louis vuitton body bag
 Young jeezy - welcome back v2
 Brooks and dunn - honky tonk stomp
 Jeffree star - love rhymes with fuck you
 Onerepublic - all we are v2
 Danna paola - mundo de caramelo
 Reverend horton heat - hot rod lincoln
 Captain clegg and the night creatures - transylvania terror train
 Don williams - you're my best friend