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 Snoop Dogg - Sweat - David Guetta Remix
 Snoop dogg - true lies
 Snoop dogg ft the dream - gangsta luv
 Snoop dogg - doggy dogg world
 Snoop dogg - lodi dodi v3
 Snoop dog - drop it like it's hot (kirby remix)
 Snoop dogg - ghetto symphony
 Snoop dogg, chingy and ludacris - holiday inn
 Snoop dogg - relax
 Snoop dogg - the next episode v5
 Snoop dogg - whats my name v3
 Snoop dogg ft b-real - vato
 Snoop dogg ft tanvi shah - snoop dogg millionaire
 Snoop dogg - whats my name v2
 Snoop dogg vs bug mafia - the next shake (dj crys mix)
 Snoop dogg ft pharrell - beautiful
 Snoop dogg - why did you leave me
 Snoop dogg - staxxx in my jeans
 Snoop dog - still a g thang
 Snoop dogg ft akon - boss life v3
 Snoop dogg - murder was the case
 Snoop dogg - my medicine v2
 Snoop dogg - still d.r.e.
 Snoop dogg - waste of time
 Snoop dogg - ain't no fun v2
 Snoop dogg - my medicine
 Snoop dogg - snooperman
 Snoop dogg - riders on the storm
 Snoop dogg ft mistah fab - life of the party
 Snoop dogg - press play
 Snoop dogg - laker theme
 Snoop dogg - those gurlz
 Snoop dogg - sensual seduction-instrumental
 Snoop dogg - aint no fun
 Snoop dogg feat robyn - sensual seduction v2
 Snoop dogg - life of da party
 Snoop dog - which one of you
 Snoop dogg - ridin in my chevy
 Snoop dogg - dippin
 Snoop dogg ft. lil jon - step your game up
 Snoop dogg - sensual seduction
 Snoop dogg - gin n' juice
 Snoop dogg - sexual eruption ft. t-pain
 Snoop dogg - sexual seduction
 Snoop dogg - imagine
 Snoop dog ft t-pain - sexual seduction
 Snoop dog - thats that shit
 Snoop dogg - sexual eruption
 Snoop dogg - slow down
 Snoop dogg - do you wanna roll
 Snoop dog ft jamie foxx - psst
 Snoop dogg - let's get blown
 Snoop dogg - gin and juice (chorus)
 Snoop dog - the next episode v3
 Snoop dogg - real crip
 Snoop dogg ft pharrell - let's get blown
 Snoop dogg ft nate dogg - boss life v2
 Snoop dogg ft nate dogg - boss' life
 Snoop dogg - 187
 Snoop dogg ft jay-z & pharrell - drop it like it's hot remix
 Snoop dogg - that's that v2
 Snoop dogg - drop it like it's hot
 Snoop dogg ft r kelly - that's that
 Snoop dogg ft. justin timberlake - signs
 Snoop dogg - who am i (what's my name)